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What is Content Marketing? Does it achieve good rankings for your website

Content Marketing



Content Marketing

Content marketing is a way of communication between consumer and provider Simple much? NO but it will be , Read On ! Content marketing is the process of producing and sharing pertinent , instructive and appealing content to a select listeners or viewers .
Remember here, we don’t want to reach everyone, we only want to reach the right people, those who resonates with our content, meaning our service or product.
To turn our content into applicable source , we have to ensure we are setting up of the heart relationship with our readers or consumers . Because, Ofcourse we are not selling them anything before hand , we are just sharing a piece of information, which must conspire them to pay heed to us.

Benefits of content marketing

Now , you haven’t spared a minute of yours just to read theory of content marketing, you want to know how will it drive results for you ! So here we go !
Out many there are 3 main ways it will profit us

  • Building Authority
  • Attracting new and appealing existing consumers
  • Spectators to customers (YES!) 
Let’s look at them at close level

Establishing Authority

Who doesn’t want recognition? Especially when they are starting from scratch, it becomes real hard to get people listen to you , and its no easy play ,we get it . So what is the way ? CONTENT MARKETING is the only best way to reach the right audience. How ? Strategy, yes for beginning anything, you need a forethought , because its not a story blog , here we need to consistent and credible for people to believe we are loyal ,likeable and serious about our delivery. Having said that, let me tell you all that is achieved from have a proper strategy and that’s where our Company Buildique business developers comes into play , we are the one you were seeking , we will drive those leads to you. How ? Keep reading !

Appealing audience

Biggest asset of content marketing is , it enables us to attract right people. Engagement is what we need to grow , now by that i not only mean people reading our content, what we also want it response , sharing and buying are later elements and that is complete engagement. However, it is not as easy, you see, a structural content , your style of representation, you likeability is what contributes to your chances if people believing in you.

Readers to customers

Finally, being honest, this is what we all want. Com’on we haven’t invested our time, patience(yes , you have to be ) and knowledge just to inform people , we want to generate revenue , the main goal.

Let me explain, have you ever subscribed to a newsletter from a blog or any website, you must have ,some by your choice and some by mistake ( yes, we all do it) but do you even care to read those weekly emails , let alone buying what they are offering? No , because you don’t find them appealing , but you have bought coca cola many times , why ? Because taste ? No way that’s freaking harmful carbonated drink , then why ? Yes, because they represented in such a way that you were intrigued to buy that one bottle !
Viewers to buyers ! Coca-cola got it ! Damn . This is not a single example , we all atleast once have bought Fair and lovely, colgate and Dabur chawanprash , these are the big examples from IIndia. NOTE : If they can , you can too . Get going !


BUILDIQUE BUSINESS DEVELOPERS, Yes and as the name suggests, we are here to help you build you business/ brand and help you achieve your goals . How ? we work together with a team of people, who are experts in their genre.
We will help you cultivate strong relationships, developing high quality content to attract those buyers and readers. Keeping in mind the budget , requirements and trends for the particular brand/ product for that period of
From planning each step to developing concepts, curating content and finally executing this all in a structured manner to get people hooked to your service. Not just that, we also build a apropos strategy to promote your service because by now we know the value of promotion and advertising. With this , with each step taken carefully We help you prosper into a successful brand / business, also traffic of readers if you are a blog .



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