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What is Social Media Marketing? Does it increase your customer engagement?

Social Media Marketing



Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a way for companies or brands to interact with the customers and maybe potential customers through various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and others. The holistic social media marketing approach can lead the brands to grow their revenue multiple times.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

In this digital era, people don’t want to be handed over the flyers. Social media marketing is what which will create brand awareness.

Out many there are 5 main ways it will profit us

  • Uplifting your revenue
  • Better Customer Service
  • Internal Communications
  • Feedback from the customers
  • Build borderless
Let’s look at them at close level

Uplifting your revenue

First and the foremost being the uplifting of the revenue. It can be explained as

            Social media marketing


                More traffic diversion On your website


                Converting them into Lead


                More Sales

Better Customer Service

Social Media Marketing provides with Better Customer service. Traditionally if you bought an item and were not happy with it, you would find yourself in a queue of procedures. There would be a telephonic conversation between you and the company, and finally, things would then move ahead. But now you are just a tweet away to call out the company or the brand.

Internal Communications

Social media marketing enhances the Internal Communications. You could be recruiting via social media. Besides, it becomes more specific for the job-finders instead of wandering on other ‘job searching websites’. You could be making recommendations, and the recruitment could be more trustworthy. Also, saving your money from the ‘job-searching websites’.

Feedback from the customers

Social Media Marketing provides the company with instant feedback from the customers. Which could allow the company to satisfy the customers more effectively and can make sure the blunders are not repeated, thus maintaining the reputation.

Build borderless

Social Media Marketing does not let your business to be bound in your region but expand it to all other regions in just a click away.

Platforms available for the Social Media Marketing

These social media platforms are the tools which the company can use for brand awareness. Social media helps in the following way:

  1. Reaching out to maximum people
  2. Creating awareness about the company
  3. Engaging with people

 In the population of 135 million, it was estimated that in 2018, 24% of People were accessing social networks due to the availability of the internet. It is estimated that by 2023, the penetration of social media platforms would be 31% of India’s population.

People having accessing internet would have access to social media which make the social media marketing obvious for the business owners.


It’s like a town-hall where people come to be with their family and friends to discuss what’s happening in their life or the latest news. But more than that it is now being used as a platform for taking your business in front of the world. Many such features that Facebook provides like Facebook ads or Facebook promoted posts so that your business reach out to the maximum number of people.


It is also known as a microblogging site. The thing that makes it unique is its radius of the network. The opportunity to provide the customer with best and quick service is also equipped with this platform.


There are more than 800 million active users in a month on Instagram. It is more of a B to C (business to customers) type platform. As it is a photo-sharing platform, it could be an attractive, eye-catching way to engage the customers; but this can only happen if the content is represented strategically. For example, Instagram provides you with useful tools such as insights which makes you understand how your customers are interacting with your business giving you and your business a direction. Buildique business developers take your business in the directions of growth.


It is more of a content engaging community. The product reviewing after being used by the influencers having a good number of views can lead the customers to have an honest opinion by the influencers generating a psychological mindset in customers before buying the customer. The engagement of the customers could be increased.


It has colonised email marketing due to its opening rate. We all tend to open it either willingly or unwillingly to see is there any new message. WhatsApp marketing could be one to one interaction with customers. The groups can be formed of the people having similar interest can be showcased the products. With Whatsapp, you can have a live update of whether customers have an interest in your product or not.


Not taking your business on social media is just like opening a shop and not mentioning the address.
We, at Buildique Business Developers make sure that you mention the address of your business in a right strategical way.

Meeting—- Research— Planning—Discussions—Improvement—Execution—Monitoring—Performance e-Report.

Meeting with the client, understanding and researching about the factors which includes:
1. The sector or industry in which the business is.
2. Who all are the competitors.

The research enables the chalking out of a plan which takes care of and incorporate the further steps taking the factors above mentioned into consideration. Discussion and adding more view points will widen the scope of the Improvement which will connect the loopholes if any making a tactical strategy ready to for execution. For a progress , accountability is important . The performance is presented via e -Report.



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